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    Carve-out of a profitable brand

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    Shareholders in blue collars

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    Stork Food & Dairy Systems

    Complex International carve-out

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    Guts and will power

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    Back to basics

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    A family business back in family hands

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    From manufacturer to knowledge based developer

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The Nimbus way
Nine times out of ten, the companies we invest in have reached a stage where a new conduct of business is required in order to obtain and maintain structural continuity. A fresh and sound view can be of use when it comes to product development, production methods and efficiency. Nimbus contributes not only the capital, but also the vision and the inspiration needed to reach the next stage in the existence of the company. Financial backup, relevant expertise and management support go together at Nimbus. That is why we call ourselves hands-on investors. Our threefold approach puts companies firmly back on track, prepared for the next phase of their existence.

Why Nimbus?

There are obvious and less obvious reasons why people choose Nimbus as their partner. Here they are in a nutshell.

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Investment profile

Because it is our aim to perform flawlessly, the companies we would like to work with must match our approach and vice versa.

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Our companies

The companies we keep in our portfolio are based in Europe and generate an annual turnover of over one billion …

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Our approach

The way we tackle our job differs substantially from that of any other investor. Here is what makes us different.

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Our team

It is all about having the right people for the job, with the professional background and the personality to match.

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Contact us

For any questions regarding Nimbus or any of our projects, please contact us.

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