• 46_1.car_union


    Shareholders in blue collars

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  • 43_1.car_bianor_1


    Guts and will power

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  • 49_1.car_udb_2


    Carve-out of a profitable brand

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  • 45_1.car_vermeer_1


    Back to basics

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  • 44_1.car_volz


    A family business back in family hands

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    Stork Food & Dairy Systems

    Complex International carve-out

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    From manufacturer to knowledge based developer

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Nimbus experiences
The best way to get an impression of how we work and the results it provides is to ask the people and companies we worked with in the past. In this section you can read what the Nimbus experience is like in practice.

Marius Jonkhart, tasked with the privatisation of NOB

“To Nimbus a new project is a new hobby”

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Sieghard Bender, trade unionist Metal and Electro; director of IG Metall

Nimbus helped Union Chemnitz pave the path towards a solid market presence.

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Paul Blonk, general manager at Vermeer Eemhaven

Nimbus put the company back on track with simple but adequate changes.

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Walter Veenhuis, managing director at Veenhuis Machines

Nimbus helped transfer Veenhuis Machines to the next phase of an impressive era.

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Frank Schubert, general manager ITW Heller GmbH Dinklage

Nimbus prepared Heller for a bright future in the hands of a new owner.

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Henk Rottinghuis, CEO at Pon Holdings

Nimbus acted as a partner of Pon Holdings

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Toon Verdijsseldonk, trade unionist at FNV Bondgenoten

Nimbus helped detaching Cirex from Corus and invested deeply in its future.

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Peter Rutten, managing director Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems BV

Nimbus bought Vialle, helped building a brand new company and then sold it to the managing director, Peter Rutten.

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Klaus Gromer, partner, Dr. Ebner, Dr. Stolz Management Support GmbH

Nimbus provided capital for car builder Binz and stayed closely involved in order to reach common goals.

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