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    Carve-out of a profitable brand

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    Stork Food & Dairy Systems

    Complex International carve-out

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    From manufacturer to knowledge based developer

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    A family business back in family hands

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    Shareholders in blue collars

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    Guts and will power

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    Back to basics

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02 November 2015

Backing for growth Boemer Rental Services Group

The Boemer Rental Services Group is one of the European leading companies facilitating organisers, standbuilders, event agencies, venues and exhibitors who aim to inspire and convince through live communication.


Boemer consists of 14 facility service companies carrying the brands JMT, Van der Veen, TSE, La Compagnie and Hapeco providing floor coverings, furniture and event engineering services for more than 6,000 trade shows, conferences, internal and external business meetings, symposia, product presentations and sporting events.