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17 November 2016

ebu divested to Jiangsu Xuzhou

ebu UMFORMTECHNIK is a German machine building company for all fields of forming technology with high expertise in automatic punching presses.


Jiangsu Xuzhou Metalforming Machine Group Co., Ltd. (XUDUAN) took over the majority of shares in the company. The shares of managing partner Jörg Berger are unchanged. He continues to be responsible for the company as sole managing director.

The change of control strengthens ebu Umformtechnik to consistently pursue their business objectives with regard to the expansion of the market activities above all in Asia, South-America and Africa. First projects have already been started. The structure of the company resident in Bayreuth and the treatment of the German and European business do not undergo any change.

Managing Partner Jörg Berger considers the new constellation as chance and possibility for ebu UMFORMTECHNIK: “It will influence the business with a lasting and positive effect as well as generate new growth. “

In the business year 2017 the company aims at the concrete planning and following realization of a modern research and development center at the company headquarters in Bayreuth.