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    Shareholders in blue collars

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    From manufacturer to knowledge based developer

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    Stork Food & Dairy Systems

    Complex International carve-out

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    Back to basics

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    Carve-out of a profitable brand

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    Guts and will power

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    A family business back in family hands

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Stork Food & Dairy Systems

Complex international carve-out

Stork Food & Dairy Systems develops, produces and sells integrated processing and filling lines for the dairy, juice, food processing and pharmaceutical industry. One of their main activities is the production of aseptic filling machines for milk-based products. Milk is an attractive breeding-ground for all kinds of bacteria, so the company is high-end when it comes to know-how and solutions, both mechanically and control-wise. An added feature of the company is their knowledge of food technology.






The total Stork group was delisted in 2007. The Stork Food division with mainly slaughter equipment manufacturing went to Marel, a large Icelandic group with comparable companies operating in the fish industry. Stork Food & Dairy Systems, “non-core’ from the first day on, was included in the deal. Just then the Icelandic banks collapsed and Marel (together with Stork Food & Dairy Systems) got into serious trouble. It took Nimbus a tremendous effort to cut the company loose.

Management and Nimbus have put full focus on strengthening the different business units of Stork Food & Dairy Systems to keep it running like a charm. As a result, the company was sold to JBT Corporation, a leading global technology solutions provider to the food processing.