The Nimbus way

Nimbus is a hands-on investor. We know that active shareholder involvement can make the difference between success and failure of a company. So, when we invest in a business, our expertise and active engagement come along with the capital we invest. We provide solid financial backing and we act swiftly where speed is needed. Find out how we do it and why things work the Nimbus way.

Formworks Systems
entry 2017, exit -
Sales €60 million

Halo Foods, Fund III
entry 2016, exit 2020
Sales €50 million

The Nimbus way

This is why we call ourselves hands-on investors

Nine times out of ten, the companies we invest in have reached a stage where a new conduct of business is required in order to improve the business performance and achieve growth. A fresh and sound view on product development, methods and efficiency is often of value. Nimbus not only contributes capital, but also the experience, vision and inspiration needed to reach the next stage in the development of the company.

Why Nimbus

The reasons why people choose Nimbus as their partner


Nimbus has a practical attitude. Management teams can count on a lasting contribution to our shared goal: improving the company’s performance and value.


We are fast movers. The decision to restructure, refinance and revitalize a company must be taken quickly. Acting in weeks instead of months can make the difference.


The Nimbus portfolio is relatively small. No Nimbus partner ever works on more than three projects at the same time. This way we can stay concentrated and devoted.


Funded primarily by family offices, we invest like entrepreneurs and tailor to the circumstances. We are set up and prepared to increase our investment, if needed.

Dresselhaus, Fund IV
entry 2020, exit -
Sales €220 million

Central Industry Group, Fund III
entry 2016, exit -
Sales €100 million

Investment profile

We invest in companies in need of transformational change.

Nimbus seeks companies that have a healthy core activity and have the potential to grow in profitability and sales through strategic choices and operational improvements and financial support. Whether it’s a (corporate) carve-out or another special situation, we are used to complex settings and like to work alongside management teams who lead with ambition and look for a pro-active, hands-on partner.


Medium sized

Annual turnover ranging between EUR 20 million and circa EUR 500 million.


European based

Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Scandinavia.



Focus on industry, manufacturing, service and technical trade.


Strong position

Strong market position, although not necessarily leading.



Substantial and evident potential for improvement and/or growth.


About our past and current portfolio companies

Each situation requires a unique approach to make sure we are always well prepared to support management teams. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about any of our companies, our view on a specific sector or just to get acquainted. Get insight into our portfolio.

Battenfeld – Greiner, Fund III
entry 2016, exit 2024
Sales €280 million

inlumi, Fund IV
entry 2021, exit -
Sales €45 million


The way we tackle our job differs substantially from other investors



Our involvement is genuinely ‘hands on’, supporting management with special projects and removing the corporate distractions to allow the management teams to focus on running the business.



Our team of managers possesses the skills needed to improve business performance, regardless the expertise that is needed. Because we are hands-on investors, we put our own people on the job.



We are used to work with companies that have reached a crossroads in their existence and need to come up with a new plan. Every setting demands a tailor-made approach.



Nimbus has an own Environmental, Social & Governance policy and Tax policy in place. The policies can be found in the permanent files section in the Investor Portal.


Nimbus has agreed to acquire CelaVita

04 March 2024

Nimbus has agreed to acquire CelaVita

On the 1 st of March 2024, Nimbus entered into a purchase agreement with CelaVita B.V., a member of the McCain Group of companies, to acquire the activities of CelaVita.

Nimbus reaches agreement with Sumitomo to carve-out its subsidiary Lonstroff AG

01 February 2024

Nimbus reaches agreement with Sumitomo to carve-out its subsidiary Lonstroff AG

Lonstroff AG is a subsidiary of Sumitomo and active in rubber parts for medical applications.

Nimbus Announces Agreement to Sell Extrusion Technology Group to Davis-Standard

31 October 2023

Nimbus Announces Agreement to Sell Extrusion Technology Group to Davis-Standard

Davis-Standard, LLC (“Davis-Standard”), a global leader in the extrusion equipment and services sector, announced today that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire the Extrusion Technology Group (“ETG”) from entities controlled by the Dutch Investor Nimbus.

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