The Nimbus way

Nine times out of ten, the companies we invest in have reached a stage where a new conduct of business is required in order to obtain and maintain structural continuity. A fresh and sound view can be of use when it comes to product development, production methods and efficiency. Nimbus contributes not only the capital, but also the vision and the inspiration needed to reach the next stage in the existence of the company. Financial backup, relevant expertise and management support go together at Nimbus. That is why we call ourselves hands-on investors. Our threefold approach puts companies firmly back on track, prepared for the next phase of their existence.

Why Nimbus?

There are obvious and less obvious reasons why people choose Nimbus as their partner. Here they are in a nutshell.


Nimbus has a practical attitude. We don’t set guidelines from a distance; we are there to stay and remain involved in the company until profitability is no longer a question.


We are fast movers. The decision to restructure, refinance and revitalize a company must be taken at the right moment. If we let that moment pass, the chances for an essential turnaround may fade. So usually it is just a matter of weeks until the business is geared to enter the next stage of its existence.


The Nimbus portfolio is relatively small. No Nimbus partner ever works on more than three projects at the same time. This way we can stay concentrated and devoted.


Nimbus receives funds from their business partners, family offices, financial institutions and a network of informal investors. We don’t have formal investment limits; we rather act like entrepreneurs and tailor to specific circumstances. If at a later stage the initial investment turns out to be insufficient, we are prepared to provide additional funds.

Investment profile

Because it is our aim to perform flawlessly, the companies we would like to work with must match our approach and vice versa.

The companies we seek

Nimbus invests in European-based industrial companies with a substantial and evident potential for improvement. Nimbus seeks majority shareholdings or management control. Requests for our services usually come from the company’s own management or from outside investors. Nimbus has offices in Zeist (the Netherlands), Munich (Germany) and Leeds (United Kingdom).

Things we look for in companies

  • Medium sized – annual turnover from 10 million up to 500 million
  • European based – Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland or Poland
  • Focus on industry – manufacturing, service or technical trade
  • Strong market position – although not necessarily leading
  • Promising – substantial and evident potential for improvement

Our companies

The companies we keep in our portfolio are based in Europe and generate an annual turnover of over one billion euros.

Every company requires a unique approach in order to prepare it for the transition ahead. Solutions and methods must be carefully chosen in order to match the specific circumstances and to provide exactly what is needed to clear the way to the next stage. Please browse our portfolio to get an idea of the Nimbus way of working.

Our approach

The way we tackle our job differs substantially from that of any other investor. Here is what makes us different.


Once we are committed, the existing management gets hands-on support from members of our own team or from recruited specialists. They focus on restructuring projects such as cost reduction, sales increase and management information systems. Also product development, more efficient production methods and a fresh corporate vision can be part of our job.


It goes without saying that our team of managers possesses the skills needed to improve business performance, regardless the expertise that is needed. Because we are hands-on investors, we put our own people on the job. They stay in the company until they have become redundant.


We are used to working with companies that have reached a crossroads in their existence and need to change in order to move on. The exact phase the company is in dictates the specific management style that is appropriate to reach the next stage.


Nimbus has an own Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policy and Tax policy in place. The policies can be found in the permanent files section in the Investor Portal.
For the Nimbus Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation see