“Nimbus changed the way Eekels Pompen works.”

Edwin Pol, service engineer and chairman of the staff council, Eekels Pompen

“Good ideas are taken up immediately.”

The Dutch-based company Eekels Pompen used to be a family business. Later, Geveke became the owner. At the time, Eekels Pompen was suffering from the recession. Reorganization was due. Nimbus took off by appointing a new managing director. Selected people from the Nimbus stable temporarily fulfilled vacant positions in the management team.

“It was clear that the new managing director was up to the task of making the company healthy. A special division, Nimpon, owned by Nimbus and Pon Holdings, was set up to take care of the multi-line dealerships of Eekels Pompen.

Things are going much better now than they did before, in particular because the entire staff was convinced of the new approach and the new direction. There is also an investment in quality taking place: staff members can share experiences and solutions in a new digital knowledge bank, the rental fleet has been refurbished and money has been made available for training. Besides, good ideas and suggestions of employees are taken up immediately and implemented were possible.”