“Nimbus acted as a partner of Pon Holdings.”

Henk Rottinghuis, CEO at Pon Holdings

“The people of Nimbus are fast and clear – and hugely self-willed.”

Pon Holdings wanted to buy the Geveke group and was on the search for a hands-on partner, able to take care of the Geveke units that were outside their own line of business.

“We had approached several potential partners. Nimbus made quite an impression on us. They were very outspoken about the strategic direction they thought was right and made it clear that their involvement in a possible cooperation would be one of determination and commitment.

Together we founded Nimpon. Nimbus became the owner of 60% of the shares and was responsible for running the business units that operate under the Nimpon flag. We are very glad with our partnership, because the people from Nimbus proved to be exactly who they appeared to be in the beginning. Not only is their knowledge of companies and their struggles beyond the regular, they are also open and energetic people one can count on.

Although Nimbus is responsible for the day-to-day management of Nimpon and its business portfolio, they remain well aware of their accountability towards their partner Pon. They are fast and bright and they know what they want.”