“Nimbus provided capital for car builder Binz and stayed closely involved in order to reach common goals.”

Klaus Gromer, partner, Dr. Ebner, Dr. Stolz Management Support GmbH

“Based on my experiences with Nimbus, I would happily involve them in any future projects.”

Binz is a German manufacturer of high-end custom-built limousines. When Klaus Gromer from Dr. Ebner, Dr. Stolz Management Support GmbH was looking for a partner in order to strengthen the financial position of Binz, he was pleasantly surprised by the way Nimbus positioned itself.

“Binz had quite ambitious restructuring objectives, consisting of a firm equity position and laying out a solid base for future growth. Not every investor is keen to meet this kind of ambitions. Nimbus however, was continuously looking for common ground, made sound and thorough analyses and in general made significant contributions during the turn around.

Apart from providing the required capital, Nimbus remained closely involved in the company, providing the Binz management with input that is complementary rather than challenging to the skills and expertise of the existing management team. Nimbus’ involvement in the project allows Binz to grow and develop according to their ambitions.”