“Nimbus put the company back on track with simple but adequate changes.”

Paul Blonk, general manager at Vermeer Eemhaven

“It’s good to be home again.”

When Vermeer Eemhaven got into a troublesome phase, the arrival of Nimbus was a wakeup call for both Vermeer Eemhaven and manager Paul Blonk.

“The success of our business opened doors to other opportunities. We were eager to explore new products and markets. The takeover of other companies was also an activity that seemed tempting. Those activities took a lot of effort and time. Eventually it became clear that there was someone missing at the wheel at Vermeer Eemhaven. In the eyes of the people at Nimbus, that someone was me.

Together with Nimbus, the aid of their cash, one of their technical production managers and some quick thinking, we were able to refocus on our main business, which used to be heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry. That is what we are extremely good at and what the market appreciates. Being back in charge, I could monitor the organization of the business and at the same time bring our clients back to our shop.

Currently, Vermeer Eemhaven does heat exchangers – and nothing else; a choice the market can appreciate. The Nimbus people have not only provided us with money and support, but also with knowledge, common sense and the right people to stand beside us.”