“It is the energy that really distinguishes Nimbus from other investment companies.”

Peter Rutten, managing director Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems BV

Nimbus bought Vialle, helped building a brand new company and then sold it to the managing director, Peter Rutten.

“When I was called in by the shareholders in Vialle, the company was experiencing major difficulties. I wrote a business plan and went in search of capital. Things clicked immediately with Nimbus because of their pragmatic approach. After a quick due diligence, they took over Vialle and I stayed on as managing director.

I had somebody from Nimbus alongside me to deal with all the issues arising out of the repositioning. That left my hands free to look ahead. We also received support from a range of specialists, in financial control, information technology, operations and production. Nimbus has top people like that in house. One call to Zeist was all it took to bring someone in. Together, we built a brand new company in just six months.

A year later I acquired all the shares. That process, too, was smooth and businesslike. So I have come to know Nimbus in three different situations, all of them hectic. All those were win-win situations. With the result for me that I am now the majority owner and MD of a business with excellent national and international contracts with firms like BK Gas, Hyundai and Volkswagen.”