How I experienced the cooperation with Nimbus

Rudi Fellhauer, head of the works council SCHOKINAG GmbH

“After we heard that an investor had acquired our company the unrest was palpable throughout the organisation. However, we soon realised that Nimbus is not a ‘locust’.

Right from the start we had direct contact with Nimbus on a regular basis. In our first talks with the investor we made it clear that the continuity of the name ‘SCHOKINAG’ was very important to employees. Consequently, Nimbus repurchased the name from Cargill and gave the brand an update.

After the acquisition was completed, many of our old customers returned, asking if SCHOKINAG could deliver quickly and reliably again, like it had done previously as an independent company. In the three years under Nimbus’ ownership we more than doubled the number of customers, giving us a much more stable foundation.

Nimbus knew how to support and motivate management while keeping responsibilities clearly defined. The investor helped SCHOKINAG to establish contacts with banks and industry specialists that were often very advantageous. With Nimbus as owner we were also able to finance major investments, first and foremost in the large chocolate chip line – probably the biggest in the world.

Nimbus always engaged with the works council. Through our conversations, based on mutual trust, we had the opportunity to make our voice heard and to exercise a degree of influence.

It was always clear to us that at some point Nimbus might decide to sell SCHOKINAG on at a profit.

Nimbus did indeed find a buyer who will be of great importance to the future of our company. This gives SCHOKINAG and its employees a great opportunity to continue operations for the next 100 years.”