“Nimbus helped detaching Cirex from Corus and invested deeply in its future.”

Toon Verdijsseldonk, trade unionist at FNV Bondgenoten

“They are very straight on one hand, and highly involved on the other.”

“I called Nimbus several times with a proposition, regarding the take over of a company, the agreement on a redundancy plan and the reviving of viable components of a company that was otherwise beyond salvation. In some cases they rejected the project – in a straight, swift and down to earth way. But in this case, it resulted in the acquisition of Cirex, a metal foundry in Almelo, the Netherlands.

Cirex used to be a subsidiary of Hoogovens – currently Corus. It had been making huge losses for years. A thorough reorganization together with a redundancy plan for many of the employees was at hand. Nimbus proved able to come with a strategic plan that made clear that it believed in a future for the factories in Almelo and the Czech Republic.

Nimbus agreed to act on behalf of the union during the negotiations with Hoogovens, which regarded all redundancy aspects. Apart from that, they found the right strategy and appointed a new managing director from within the existing workforce. Cirex is now specializing in high quality metal casting and making a profit. Nimbus remains active as both investor and consultant.”