“Nimbus helped transfer Veenhuis Machines to the next phase of an impressive era.”

Walter Veenhuis, managing director at Veenhuis Machines

“We changed, but we are still the same.”

Walter Veenhuis, a descendant of founder Theo Veenhuis, was responsible for a company that developed and produced a splendid product. But somehow the profit diminished.

‘Veenhuis Machines was established in 1938. It was the beginning of an era in which the family became highly involved in the upcoming new farming methods. Farmers traded their horses for tractors and started to work on a larger scale. Veenhuis provided them with the machinery they needed in order to fertilize their land. Over the years, our yellow slurry tanks have become part of the landscape in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

We have always remained faithful to the craftsmanship that was so typical for our company. Product development and the introduction of new techniques and applications kept us busy. Every part of machinery was produced in our own workshop, no matter the effort. Our drive for technical excellence was the cause that we gradually lost track of the cost structure. Our focus was good, but it was just too narrow.

The people of Nimbus started scrutinizing our business and the way we worked. While injecting money, they advised us to keep concentrating on product development and find partners to rely on for the production of parts. This change of approach is indeed a change, but the Veenhuis company remains the same. We are still working with Nimbus. Their no nonsense mentality matches ours in the best possible way.’