01 January 2004

Opening of new Cirex CZ plant celebrated

On November 8 2003 the official opening of the new Cirex plant was celebrated by the whole personnel of Cirex.

Opening of new Cirex CZ plant celebrated

All employees of the Dutch Cirex operation in Almelo, the Netherlands and a few of the involved Nimbus managers rose early to catch a specially chartered airplane from Dusseldorf airport.

After a pleasant flight and a short visit to the Tatra factory, the Dutch colleagues were heartily welcomed at the new Cirex facility that easily will double the Cirex production capacity.

During the thorough factory tour the Dutch employees had extensive discussions with their Czech colleagues to share practical tips and recommendations to further improve on quality and efficiency of the operation.

After a generous local buffet and many international dances, the Dutch visitors went home, very enthusiastic and proud of their own foreign sister operation.