01 January 2007

Bianor is second Nimbus acquisition in Poland

Nimbus has aquired a majority stake in Bianor Sp.zoo., an injection moulding company in Bialystock, eastern Poland, with 350 employees.

Bianor is second Nimbus acquisition in Poland

The company is a reliable supplier to several large producers of domestic appliances, white goods and DVD packaging products. Bianor is proud to have customers such as Philips, Bosch Siemens, Whirlpool and AGI-Dubois.

Operating as partner to each of its customers, Bianor is able to manage complete projects, including the sourcing of moulds, engineering related to the production setup of new and existing products and the (sub)assembly of the products or modules.

Nimbus has the intention to grow the company further by expanding the production capacity in the existing facility and possibly by investing in other plants.

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