01 October 2007

ABN Amro Participaties enables Eekels pumps to seek further growth

ABN AMRO Participaties and Erik Leenart, Managing Director of Eekels, are acquiring pump distributor and manufacturer Eekels from Nimbus (60%) and Pon Holdings (40%). The takeover will enable Eekels to further expand its product and service concept both in the Benelux and beyond. The Eekels acquisition is ABN AMRO Participaties’ eleventh investment in two years.

ABN Amro Participaties enables Eekels pumps to seek further growth

Eekels has been providing pumping solutions to the building construction sector, the public sector and industry for over 90 years. In recent years the company has made further strides in supplying solutions for the civil engineering sector (e.g. sewage systems), land development works and land consolidation. The company combines technical and practical know-how with knowledge of regulations in the area of infrastructure works.

As a market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium with a strong product and service concept, Eekels fits well into the ABN AMRO portfolio. The collaboration between Eekels’ management and the bank will enable the company to achieve both organic growth and acquisition-driven expansion.

Eekels’ Managing Director Erik Leenart welcomes ABN AMRO Participaties as a partner. “Eekels is an ambitious and vibrant company that is well positioned to accelerate growth over the coming years. We are pleased that ABN AMRO Participaties is willing to underpin our ambitions with its knowledge and financing.”

Bob Kramer of ABN AMRO Participaties comments on the transaction: “Eekels is exactly the type of company which we like to invest in. It is market leader in the Benelux and well-positioned for further growth over the coming years.”

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