01 September 2008

UDB: Breda now locally brewed in Guernsey

United Dutch Breweries’ Breda beer is one of the favorite lagers on the Channel Islands. As of last week the beer, which has been sold for more than 60 years on the islands, is now brewed by local brewery Randall’s.

UDB: Breda now locally brewed in Guernsey

Managing director Ian Rogers is delighted that he could secure the opportunity to brew the top-selling brand. It is also the first step to possibly exporting the Guernsey-brewed lager to the UK and further afield.
‘We have sent some beer to Jersey today,’ said Mr Rogers yesterday. ‘We have finished the negotiations and it means that their pubs will be selling beer brewed here in Guernsey.’
UDB managing director Reinier Schipper was present to celebrate the deal.

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