01 February 2009

Katjes Fassin and Lamy Lutti are joining forces

Katjes Fassin has taken a minority share in Lamy Lutti in order to form an international strategic alliance.

Katjes Fassin and Lamy Lutti are joining forces

With this alliance, the companies strive to strengthen their combined positions, commercially and operationally. The positioning of Katjes Fassin in Germanic countries forms an excellent strategic fit with Lamy Lutti’s positioning in France and Belgium, thus providing a strong platform for accelerated growth in both companies. Together, Katjes Fassin and Lamy Lutti holdleading positions (top 3) in most Western European markets such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

Katjes Fassin and Lamy Lutti will jointly expand positions within and outside their home markets, optimize their commercial propositions and work closely together in sourcing. Their product portfolios are highly complementary and innovative; both companies have their own specialities and are recognized for high quality products. Early in 2008 Nimbus and Varova together with management acquired Lamy Lutti from Leaf.

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