27 February 2015

Investment in Chocolaterie de Bourgogne

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne is a large producer of high quality chocolate, based in Dijon, France. The company was established in 1912. The LANVIN family expanded the company before it was taken over by confectionery giant Rowntree McIntosh, later by the food conglomerate Nestle and eventually by the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

Investment in Chocolaterie de Bourgogne

Nimbus announces that in February 2015 it has made a substantial investment in Chocolaterie de Bourgogne. Jaap van de Bent, former CEO of Lamy Lutti, will lead the management on its path for future growth. Besides the management other co-investors in the company are Dutch investor Varova and Plot Ghana, which will support us as a strategic sourcing partner of cacao. Employing 185 people, Chocolaterie de Bourgogne aims to reach sales of 60 million euros in 2015.