17 March 2015

Acquisition of MegaGroup

MegaGroup is a pan-European distributor of water technics and pool products for installers, wholesalers and retailers with headquarters in Veghel, the Netherlands. MegaGroup is the market leader in its segment with sales of over 80 million euros in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia and Poland.

Acquisition of MegaGroup

On Friday February 20, 2015 Nimbus hands-on investors reached an agreement about the acquisition of the shares of MegaGroup with administrator Mr. Jan Stadig. Nimbus also secured continued financing by MegaGroup’s bank. As a result MegaGroup has been solidly recapitalized and is now ready to grow its business and fully reclaim its leading market position.

Nimbus partner Marc Renne comments that “MegaGroup proved rapidly to be a very interesting investment opportunity for Nimbus. It has strong market positions and a large group of loyal customers. We are happy to support MegaGroup in the required restructuring and are convinced that the company will be very soon well positioned for profitable growth”.

MegaGroup’s Alexander Wouterse adds that “we are happy that after a challenging one and a half weeks, MegaGroup can now fully concentrate on serving its customers again. The loyalty of our customers and the commitment of our employees in this challenging period have been crucial in giving Nimbus the confidence to invest”.