12 July 2016

SFKLeblanc sold to Axcel

Maj Invest Equity and Nimbus have entered into an agreement to sell their shares in SFK LEBLANC A/S to Axcel.

SFKLeblanc sold to Axcel

Headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, SFK LEBLANC is a world-leading supplier of innovative and highly automated slaughtering solutions to the red meat industry. The company offers advanced products for the slaughtering of cattle, pigs and sheep, lairage facilities and logistics and production control systems. SFK LEBLANC’s products are split into three key product groups: kill line, cutting & deboning and aftermarket services. Besides Denmark, SFK LEBLANC has manufacturing facilities in Holland, Canada and China as well as sales offices in the US and Russia. SFK LEBLANC will continue to be led by Ib Nykjær and the existing management team.

Maj Invest Equity has been the majority owner of SFK LEBLANC since 2006 when the company was carved out of Danish Crown. Maj Invest Equity has been an active partner together with management in transforming SFK LEBLANC from an internal equipment supplier to Danish Crown into one of the leading global players within equipment for red meat slaughtering. Through its partnership with Maj Invest Equity, SFK LEBLANC has continued on its path towards global leadership in the meat processing industry by setting up a production facility and sales office in Shanghai, China; by acquiring G.E. Leblanc, the leader in the Canadian market, in 2007; and through its merger with the Dutch company Nawi in 2013. Since 2006, SFK LEBLANC has more than doubled turnover, and EBITDA has been increased by greater than 4 times.

“SFK LEBLANC has been on an incredible journey since we bought the company back in 2006 from Danish Crown – a journey including acquisitions, divestment and not at least an organic expansion into new territories. It has been our utmost pleasure to work with management in transforming SFK LEBLANC from an internal supplier to Danish Crown into a leading global supplier of advanced slaughtering solutions to the red meat industry.” says Per Høholt, Partner at Maj Invest Equity.

Nimbus is similarly delighted for the sale of SFK LEBLANC.

“We have been extremely impressed with the way that Maj Invest and the management team have cooperated to strategically develop the company into an industry leader, and we are very proud to have contributed to that journey.” says Paul Frohn, Partner at Nimbus.

The company looks back on the journey with Maj Invest Equity and Nimbus,

“It has been a great joy and privilege working with Maj Invest and Nimbus in developing SFK LEBLANC from a subsidiary of Danish Crown into a global market leader. Now we are about to start a new chapter of the company’s history together with Axcel, and I have high hopes for the opportunities the new ownership brings.” says Ib Nykjær, CEO SFK LEBLANC.

The new owner Axcel holds great plans for accelerating the future growth of SFK LEBLANC.

“We have with great interest been following SFK LEBLANC and the industry, and we find it to be an attractive investment case with a lot of good opportunities for accelerating the growth and development of the company. We look forward to continuing the SFK LEBLANC journey together with management.“ says Christoffer Müller, Director at Axcel.

The transaction is expected to close in August 2016.