18 September 2018

AUCTUS takes over Robert Bürkle GmbH

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Robert Bürkle GmbH by AUCTUS Capital Partners AG, Munich. AUCTUS takes over the majority shares in the company. The contract was signed on 13th September 2018, subject to approval by the German Federal Cartel Office.

AUCTUS takes over Robert Bürkle GmbH

With AUCTUS, Bürkle wins a renowned investor as partner. The Munich investment specialists trust is based on in the very positive development of the company and the confidence in the further expansion of the Bürkle Group. AUCTUS fully supports the strategic plans for value enhancement and further growth in the coming years.

The strong market position, the broad technological product base and both, the already realized as well as the planned innovations were the decisive factors for AUCTUS to become involved in a healthy company with high growth potential. Bürkle is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machines, systems and plants in the field of press and coating technology. Bürkle's core competences lie in the engineering of customer-specific solutions for a wide range of applications in various market segments. These include the wood-based materials processing, photovoltaics, electronics, plastic card and insulation material industries. Bürkle employs 449 people worldwide and produces at three sites in Freudenstadt and Mastholte (both in Germany) as well as in Shanghai.

About Auctus

With more than 100 transactions since 2001, AUCTUS is a leading private equity firm for the German-speaking SME sector (“Mittelstand“). AUCTUS seeks majority interests of companies in the context of buy-and-build strategies, succession and corporate spin-offs and provides growth capital to enterprises. The latin word “AUCTUS” translates the entrepreneurial mind-set of focusing on “sustainable growth”. Together with the management teams, AUCTUS strives to increase the value of the portfolio companies by sales and earnings growth. With assets under management of more than EUR 500m, AUCTUS builds on a loyal investor base of renowned financial institutions, successful entrepreneurs and family offices.