17 January 2019

Nimbus takes Kranwerke Mannheim to new heights

Nimbus hands-on investors has acquired Mannheim-based crane builder KW-Kranwerke AG (KWM) from its previous main shareholder. As part of the company’s succession plan, KWM’s business owner decided to sell his shares to Nimbus effective January 1st, 2019, while the company’s Executive Board remains active.

Nimbus takes Kranwerke Mannheim to new heights

With a necessary capital injection and strategic involvement, Nimbus aims to help KWM with this new chapter in its history; strengthening its market position and expanding its service and retrofit areas. Offering broad experience in the market for special machine construction, Nimbus is in a unique position to support KWM in achieving its re-aligned strategic goals of business optimization and growth.

KWM has around 90 employees in its workforce and recently generated a turnover in excess of 20 million euros. The crane builder enjoys (among others) a solid market position in the design and manufacture of overhead cranes for customers in the waste-to-energy (WTE) and substitute fuels (EBS) markets. KWM’s service portfolio includes new plant construction, equipment servicing (including the sale of spare parts) and retrofitting; the modernization of existing crane systems currently in operation.

Nimbus is proud to add KWM to its growing portfolio of manufacturing companies. With strengthened sales power, a streamlined organization and a clean balance sheet, KWM now has the means to systematically expand its core business and break new ground in auspicious (foreign) markets.