04 February 2019

MAAS eyes sustainable growth with Nimbus

Dutch coffee and vending machine expert MAAS is set on scaling up its operations following the company’s acquisition by Nimbus in January 2019.

MAAS eyes sustainable growth with Nimbus

With a renewed and sharpened focus on the company’s home market of the Netherlands, MAAS aims to become market leader in the field of unmanned food & beverage locations, making a sustainable impact on the well-being of people and planet in the process.

Established in 1890, MAAS grew from a cigar producer, cigarette wholesaler and cigarette vending machine operator into a sizeable vending machine operator. Facing highly competitive and changing market dynamics, the company was forced to greatly reduce its international activities in 2015. That same year, ABN Amro Bank acquired a majority stake in MAAS.

Gradually phasing out operations in countries like Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark, MAAS decided to shift its focus to the Dutch market, where it currently has a significant market share of and plenty of opportunity for growth. With a capital injection and hands-on support from new owner Nimbus, MAAS is in prime position to optimize its potential and achieve more in the local market with a distinctive proposition.

Through its products and business practices, MAAS aims to make a positive difference in countries they do business with. They call this IMPACT@ORIGIN. MAAS is also looking to support a wide range of social initiatives in the Netherlands, such as ‘Heilige Boontjes’, a coffee roastery operated by former detainees.

Working closely with MAAS’ management team, Nimbus is focused on optimizing MAAS’ operations and as a result increasing the company’s profitability. With an interesting product and unique proposition, MAAS fits Nimbus’ growing portfolio of businesses perfectly.