02 December 2019

Healthy growth for Halo Foods

Halo Foods, the UK-based manufacturer of nutritious bars and snacks, has recently opened a new production line. Requiring an investment of £5 million, the new line will expand the company’s production capacity by 50 per cent. The additional capacity is necessary to meet the growing demand for Halo Food’s bar developing and manufacturing capabilities.

Healthy growth for Halo Foods

When Nimbus acquired 100 per cent of Halo Foods’ shares in 2016, it was already clear that the company was operating in a fast-growing segment and showed enormous potential. While former owner Raisio had no belief in its non-core business unit Halo Foods, Nimbus saw the enormous upside of the sector and the business. Over the past three years, Nimbus has helped Halo Foods to build on its strengths. This meant focussing on the development and production of a diverse range of snack bars.

In addition, staff costs were brought in line with volumes. Halo Foods was able to invest more time and effort in product development and communications – with rapid growth in production and revenue as a result.

The new production line will enable Halo Foods to tap into the enormous demand for nutritious snacks in the UK and the rest of the world.