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Boemer Rental Services

Let’s get this show on the road

Boemer knows all about live communication. The company provides engineering, furniture and floorcovering for b2b-events, exhibitions, conferences and leisure & sport events. Over the years, the Dutch based company has grown significantly through acquisitions in European capitals and several German cities that have a culture of exhibitions and fairs. Every local branch has its own national customers. The company is healthy and has a nice turnover. So where does Nimbus come in?

We bought Boemer because we think there is much to gain when the different branches intensify their cooperation in order to service international customers. A car company that presents a new model usually acts as a travelling show and visits every major European city. Taking all the equipment and furniture along with them is a costly business. Boemer is able to provide the same quality level in every spot in Europe, without having to move furniture, floors and audiovisual equipment over large distances.

Other opportunities are a LEAN training program to secure operational excellence. The people of Boemer have welcomed the Nimbus hands-on approach and our willingness to invest in the transformation.

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