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A healthy French breakfast

Sevenday is a company that produces private label cereals for French supermarkets. The factory was originally established as a showcase for the Bühler group. After Bühler sold the company to German cereal producer Hahne, Sevenday faced bad weather. It may sound odd, but producing and mixing cereals and muesli is a capital-intensive activity. Financial problems of the mother company affected the French factory. A bankruptcy became inevitable.

Nimbus scrutinized Sevenday only to find out that there is nothing structurally wrong with the company. A dedicated management team and staff secure the production of high quality cereals and works hard on innovations. Even after the bankruptcy, the reputation of Sevenday remained spotless: when the production restarted, the purchasers of several French supermarket chains where happy to do business with Sevenday once again – which is remarkable in a touch market.

The French have a growing tendency to use national or even regional products. Casino likes the fact that they can buy from a French company. At Nimbus we think we might be able to create synergy between Sevenday, Chocolaterie de Bourgogne and Meneba. When you add the fact that a growing number of French consumers are exchanging their traditional breakfast for a healthier one, the future of Sevenday can only look bright.

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