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Werner has its roots in winches. For decades, Werner has equipped the Unimog with a series of various tools for special purposes. Werner became a vehicle manufacturer with start of the WF-Trac: a highly sophisticated series of forestry machines, based on a heavy-duty tractor made by Mercedes-Benz. Werner also produces tailor-made solutions for energy companies, road builders and fire fighters. The products that leave the factory are versatile and quite ingenious.

Werner faced serious problems when one of their suppliers couldn’t deliver in time. Nimbus took over the company, together with the existing owner. We managed to save a beautiful company, with a wonderful and impressive portfolio. The parts delivery is secured and the focus lays on the development of new products and finding niches in the European region.

The WF-trac is the answer to the growing demand for sustainable forestry, because of its size and versatility. One Werner Forst engine can replace numerous conventional pieces of equipment. The knowledge level at Werner Forsttechnik is beyond questioning – as is the urge for innovation. New products for the inspection of sewer systems will broaden the market for this ingenious engineering company.

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