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Holland Herstel Groep/ Ureco

A cleaning company looking for swift action

Customer directed and service oriented, those are the characteristics that apply to Holland Herstel Groep / Ureco (HHG). A company with potential, even though it had no management and was unprofitable at the time Nimbus decided to protect HHG from closing down business. To give HHG this opportunity for the future, Nimbus had to sign and close the deal within a week!

The right management and the right insights, that’s what HHG needed when the Rentokil Group decided its activities did no longer fit within Rentokil’s core business. The business activities of HHG contain asbestos abatement as well as direct damage control and cleaning and repairing after calamities like fire, water or storms.

Keep doing what they do best
During the first meetings with the works council and the employees, it was clear that the company was in desperate need of guidance; therefore a new director was appointed. Nimbus also decided to put back responsibilities where they belong and to help implementing a new financial reporting system. Furthermore Nimbus addressed all the carve-out issues, combined with the usual things to do associated with an asset deal and continuing operations in new legal entities. But the most important goal was to enable the approximately fifty employees to keep doing what they do best: provide the best care for their customers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The only way is up
The first year after Nimbus required HHG has been a year of transition. Now is the time to grow HHG; both organically as by means of examining buy and build strategies to benefit from economies of scale. As far as Nimbus is concerned, the only way is up. That’s what HHG is looking for the upcoming years.

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