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  • Entry 2005
  • Exit 2010
  • Sales €10 million

LAN Handling Systems is a leading player in the design, engineering, assembly, installation and maintenance of the handling systems used before and after the batch sterilisation process. Most of LAN’s customers are global businesses ranked in the world’s top 500 companies. Owner-manager Jos Langen successfully built up the business during a period of 30 years. But just as he was preparing to hand over the reins to son Harm, the company ran into problems; LAN had been growing a little too quickly, as a result of which a few very large projects ran out of control. The cost overruns were undermining the financial health of the company.

Harm Langen turned to Nimbus, and within a very short time a comprehensive plan had been devised. Nimbus injected new capital so that LAN’s business could again be conducted from a healthy financial base. We also brought in two managers to support Harm through a short but hectic period of restructuring. The Nimbus managers concentrated on that project, allowing Harm to continue focusing on his customers and their needs.

Nimbus’ financial support and engagement also made it possible to refinance the company. The improved financial situation enabled it to invest again in the highly sophisticated engineering software tools, which are the lifeblood of such a business. The company was soon back on its feet. Five years later, Nimbus decided to sell its shares. Harm Langen remains as general manager and co-shareholder.

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