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Tough choices

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2011
  • Exit 2018
  • Sales €225 million

Meneba in Rotterdam is a miller that develops, produces and markets raw materials and functional cereal-derived ingredients for bakery products and foodstuffs. Once a market leader, the company got in trouble when large industrial bakeries began to dominate the market and millers suffered from overcapacity. The management of the company operated on volumes rather than margins. Because of the downward spiral Meneba got in, signs of fatigue and financial pressure were noticeable throughout the company.

Nimbus firstly had the unpleasant task to significantly reduce production capacity and labor force. The remaining staff had to be motivated to fulfill their task with revived momentum. At the same time, Meneba changed from merely a supplier of raw material into a developer of new products, still for the traditional bakery market. The introduction of ‘Oerbrood’, dark loaf bread with hints of health and tradition, became a marketing success.

Things are getting better for Meneba. The continuity of the company is secured. Meneba serves 45% of the Dutch market and a subsidiary in Belgium is running smoothly. The most important issue right now is to monitor the head start and to remain keen on new products and chances in the market.

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