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Perseverance in practice

  • Entry 2008
  • Exit 2016
  • Sales €25 million

Nawi (Borculo, the Netherlands) is a family company that develops, builds, installs and maintains slaughter lines and deboning lines. Red meat processing is their main focus. Another activity is food production logistics in a refrigerated environment. The founders of the business were commercially and technically very well skilled, but when the company grew bigger and bigger, the organizational part posed problems.

Nimbus assisted Nawi in a reconditioning process. A new manager performed a revision of the organizational structure and took control of daily matters. At the same time, he explored new roads in product development. Because of the technically advanced level of the product, it has taken quite some time to get Nawi in a steady position. But since giving up is not an option, Nimbus stayed around – and still does.

Since Nawi became profitable again, the competition raised its head. Nawi merged with the Danish SFK-Leblanc, a large company with subsidiaries worldwide. Together, both companies offer a perfect mix, in geographical locations as well as in technical specialization. Nimbus remains a shareholder in the new merger.

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