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Buy & Build

  • Fund II
  • Entry 2012
  • Exit -
  • Sales €20 million

Nedelko (Barendrecht, the Netherlands) trades in electronic components, industrial labeling machines, identification and safety systems and LED lighting. The business used to be part of Econosto, who had the idea to turn it into a group of several companies. When Nimbus came around, they saw the potential of Nedelko and its products.

The possibilities for development lay in particular in the LED branch, with a growing number of applications in almost every field of industry, construction and road development. In order to be able to offer a complete line of products to its customers, the acquisition of Surtronic, a big player in LED traffic information, dynamic parking displays and information systems in railroad and bus stations, was tempting. Nimbus provided the capital for the transaction and acted as a sparring partner for the management of Nedelko.

Things are going well. The management team does an outstanding job and with a growing number of chances at hand, the results of the company are promising. The ‘Buy & Build’ approach is relatively rare for Nimbus, but as the results show, Nedelko was too good an opportunity to let pass.

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