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From state to private

  • Entry 2005
  • Exit 2010
  • Sales €60 million

In the past, the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), the main Dutch broadcasting company, owned all the technical facilities used by the Dutch public-service broadcasters. With future privatisation in mind, the NOS decided to separate the facilities activities into a separate state-owned corporation, the Nederlands Omroepproduktie Bedrijf NV (NOB).

Later on, NOB was split up and its activities were transferred to three new companies. The actual privatisation of these three companies was complicated by the debate about the future of public broadcasting. A reduction of television channels could significantly affect the business. All this took place while the television world was in the midst of a conversion from videotape to digital storage.

The state was looking for an investor capable of acquiring and fostering the three companies. Nimbus’ first priority was to improve financial control. A business plan was prepared to map out the investments needed. These included substantial investment in a digital media management system. We also worked on a plan to broaden the base of customers and to increase the synergy between the three companies, in terms of both costs and revenues. The execution of these plans gave the management team better instruments to control the company and to compete in this dynamic market. Dutchview is now a very successful and solid company.

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