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European distributors with a world reputation

  • Entry 2003
  • Exit 2019
  • Sales €35 million

Omniray in Switzerland is a company representing global names in components for industrial automation. The company started as a family business and was later bought by Geveke. When Nimbus and the Pon Group established Nimpon, Omniray was in their portfolio; a good and dedicated company, although its broad range of products and activities had given it a somewhat anonymous image. Omniray needed fewer and more definite key elements – and a successor for its retiring former owner.

Together with Omniray’s new manager, Nimbus did two acquisitions that were integrated in the existing company. The activities regarding industrial computers were abandoned. At that time, things went from well to much better. Following their successes on the Swiss market, Nimbus opened Omniray branch offices for industrial communication, test and measurement equipment in Finland, Norway and Sweden and hence became an even more attractive partner for big overseas companies.

Today, Omniray has become a European group of trading companies with an outstanding reputation among customers and suppliers. They excel in training and advice and they have the knowledge, the network and the patience to find those parts and equipment that have the exact specifications for the job.

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