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Carved out for independency

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2012
  • Exit 2018
  • Sales €15 million

Primoteq (Hengelo, The Netherlands) is a service and maintenance company for metalworking machines and lifting and handling equipment. Although it was a fantastic company with about a hundred skillful technicians who thoroughly know their jobs, in the eyes of owner Stork it didn’t belong to their core. Continuing as an independent company without the umbrella of Stork however demanded some changes.

For a business that belongs to a company the size of Stork, the focus on cash is often a theoretical matter; in the end, there is always room to pay bills and wages. In its new capacity, Primoteq had to have the money ready and waiting at the end of each month. Nimbus took a look at the indirect cost structure and injected cash into the company in order to improve liquidity. Some less important activities were abandoned.

That provided room for the more important activities to grow further. Primoteq is now a profitable, lean and well-focused company. In the detachment of its mother company the core quality was preserved; loose ends were cut off. What remains is a wonderful and independent business with a well-deserved reputation among the Dutch industry.

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