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Concrete matters

  • Fund II
  • Entry 2012
  • Exit -
  • Sales €50 million

Rampf (Germany) builds moulds for the production of concrete bricks, paving stone, cobblestones and such. The Rampf moulds have to cope with vibrations of up to 800 tons in force, forming a pallet of dry concrete stones every 15-second production cycle. Concrete is highly abrasive, so the steel moulds need to be hardened to the highest standards. In spite of its splendid products, Rampf had not been profitable for the last ten years.

With a number one position in the market and a global share of 25% however, it was easy to get a grasp of its full potential. Nimbus was interested. Negotiations with seven family members were easier than expected; Nimbus introduced the CEO of the nearby Element System – another family operated business related to Nimbus – in the conference room. The people at Rampf could hear first-hand what working with us is all about. The story was convincing.

Apart from a financial injection in order to get the balance sheet back in shape, major investments were not necessary at this stage. Getting the organization right and making the factory in Hungary more precise and efficient was more important in order to bring Rampf back to its former prosperity. In order to do so, a new CEO who is able to manage the company from a human perspective was a valuable addition.

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