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RCP Ranstadt

Wipe Out!

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2009
  • Exit 2017
  • Sales €30 million

RCP Ranstadt from Germany is a manufacturer of lens wipes, body care products, household products and cosmetics for brands and retail chains. The company existed for decades; up till recently it was part of the Budelpack Group – and slowly drowning in complexity. When Nimbus came into the picture, the factory in Ranstadt was close to being out of control. This delicate situation demanded swift acting. Still, the deal was pretty complicated and included agreements with two banks and a trustee at Budelpack. Within a few weeks however, Nimbus was able to get the company in gear for a new and clear vision.

A financial injection and the introduction of Nimbus people as supply chain manager and production manager got the ship floating again. Along with that, the existing IT-system underwent a revision. The real breakthrough though, was the decision to heavily focus on lens wipes. The market for contract production of body care and household products is subdue to economical mood swings, but remains a substantial activity. Lens wipes may be a low interest commodity to many, yet RCP concentrates on innovation and cost price reduction.

RCP invested in three production lines with the sole purpose to become the European market leader in lens wipes. Big scale production reduced the cost and enabled RCP to leave the competition behind. Currently, the company is doing very well. New investments in order to expand the volume once again are on its way, still with the leadership focus in mind.

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