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Schelde Exotech

A healthy company healthy again

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2011
  • Exit 2018
  • Sales €15 million

Schelde Exotech is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of industrial equipment in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. There was actually nothing wrong with Schelde Exotech, but when the mother company to which it belonged, had to drain money out of the business in order to finance other projects, both suppliers and customers were on the verge of losing their faith. The illness of a sister contaminated a healthy company.

The cure for the illness was a financial backup and the regain of faith. As soon as Nimbus got involved, the atmosphere of negativity disappeared. Banks and credit insurers once again opened their doors. The run at the bank feeling that had captured both suppliers and customers – and even some staff members - vanished. That was only obvious, because basically, there is nothing wrong with the company. On the contrary…

The people at Schelde Exotech do what they promise and they don’t brag about it. So customers can rely on them and their products. The company recently finished several major projects for a chemical plant in the Middle East, they received a big order from the United States and currently they expand their portfolio in Europe. A sound business with a large and growing number of loyal customers.

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