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Carve-out of a profitable brand

  • BEER
  • Entry 2007
  • Exit 2011
  • Sales €50 million

United Dutch Breweries (UDB), the export division of InBev, one of the words largest beer brewers, was quite profitable. Yet InBev wanted to focus more on their core brands and decided to divest UDB. The key criteria for Nimbus were to safeguard and develop the potential of UDB as a standalone company – and a quick transaction.

Being able to operate more freely outside a large corporate structure, gave UDB in increased commercial potential. Within weeks, Nimbus came with the plan of action that would turn UDB from a division of InBev into an independent business. The company developed a new strategic plan for growth, which improved and expanded the organization.

The carve-out issues were tackled by Nimbus – in constructive co-operation with the management of InBev. The process included new premises, new IT-systems, new staff agreements, a new financial reporting system and new suppliers. Only within months after the transaction, UDB operated independently. A large private equity player has approached UDB in order to further accelerate profitable growth.

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