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Production facility becomes independent company

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2011
  • Exit 2013
  • Sales €45 million

Unicorn (Weert, The Netherlands) specializes in animal feed for pigs and calves, in grain-based carriers for vitamins and in several food-related products such as cereals and binding agents. The company used to be part of Meneba, on which it leaned rather heavily. Although there was in essence nothing wrong with the business, administration-wise it had some flaws.

With the assistance of Nimbus, the company developed from a pure production entity to a stand-alone company with its own administration, its own product development and its own genuine enthusiasm.

Unicorns are a rare species and so is Unicorn. It operates in a niche market where it has the chance to excel in innovative practice, operational improvement and growth. Its new position as an independent manufacturer with a fresh identity and a sound portfolio is about to pay off.

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