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From manufacturer to knowledge based developer

  • Entry 2006
  • Exit 2015
  • Sales €10 million

Veenhuis Machines (Raalte, The Netherlands) develops and produces agricultural machines for slurry application. This may sound pretty straightforward, but in a world where manure has evaluated from waste into precious fertilizer and every square foot of land has to be equally treated, the machinery involved is highly advanced. The business, run by the same family for over 75 years, has several patents to its name and in the agricultural world the name ‘Veenhuis’ is unmistakably synonym for quality.

Driven by technical fascination, the company somewhat neglected the necessity of profit. Outsourcing was hardly done and items that became lossmaking because of their production cost remained in production. Eventually a lack of cash caused a delicate situation. When Nimbus came in, they brought the cash and they brought a new strategy as well. Within a short period, Veenhuis changed from a manufacturer into a knowledge based developer and an assembly company with a clear focus.

The cost structure has been lowered considerably; the introduction of ERP improved the overview on the way the company performs at detail level and a strategic collaboration with Kverneland opens new geographic regions. Since the focus had been repositioned, things went well. In fact so well that Nimbus sold its share back to the former owner. Veenhuis is a family company once again!

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