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A family business back in family hands

  • Fund I
  • Entry 2011
  • Exit 2013
  • Sales €25 million

Volz (Germany) makes hydraulic fittings and couplings for pressures up to 500 bar. Branches they deliver to are the oil and gas industry, machine builders and manufacturers of mobile construction equipment. Volz produces in stainless steel as well as in carbon steel. The family company has a particular situation: it is located in the isolated small village of Deilingen, were it employs the majority of the working population.

The crisis brought Volz into trouble. The double-digit sales growth they accomplished over the years all of a sudden diminished. And because the company had fiercely invested in growth, their debts were significant. Nimbus took a majority share in Volz. While the members of the family stayed in charge of the management, the decision was made to concentrate more on stainless steel. Nimbus brought in their turnaround expertise.

When Volz had a market share of 25% in stainless steel, it was time to sell the shares back to the family. With a fully automated production and a financially stable platform, the factory in Deilingen is restored to its former glory.

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