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  • Fund II
  • Entry 2013
  • Exit 2018
  • Sales €90 million

Founded in 1920, Bürkle started off as a producer of woodworking machinery. The company became a leading player in laminated presses and wood coating equipment. During the 1960s, Bürkle penetrated a new market by diversifying its portfolio with laminating press systems for the printed circuit board industry. In the 1980s this story repeated itself when Bürkle introduced press technology for the production of credit cards and solar panels.

Bürkle employs 700 people, operates five production sites in Germany and China and has a global sales and service network with own representations in six countries and established partnerships in 85 countries. Although the focus on new business and international growth has proven to be successful, the parquetry industry has declined since the beginning of this century. Overall sales figures overshadowed a loss in the woodworking industry but when also the solar panel industry collapsed, it became clear that a refocus was due.

The situation called for swift action. First action after we bought the company was a restructuring to adjust its cost structure to its factual new/lower sales level and make the company thus profitable and viable again. The second step was to invest in the sales organization, headed by a new brilliant CSO, as well as investing in new product developments, which really hit the market and brought the company back to more prosperous sales than ever before (super growth in sales based on the more efficient cost structure after the restructuring was a real double whopper). The last milestone, just when we sold the company, was the opening of a new manufacturing site in Hungary to bring an uncompelled cost advantage and capacity increase for further growth.

Nimbus took off with a financial injection and persuaded the banks to reconsider their loans and cleared the road for a comprehensive refocusing program. Nimbus actively managed a set of measures aimed on regaining a competitive cost position and accelerating the developments in China, while giving the management team full support. Bürkle was not an easy fix and it took some time to regain its position as market leader but the company and its team had lots of promising potential.

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