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Clear as water

  • Fund II
  • Entry 2015
  • Exit 2023
  • Sales €80 million

MegaGroup trades in components for water transport systems; from piping and pumps to filters and control equipment. The company is active in seven European countries and sells 14,000 different products to the agricultural sector, the installation branch, the industry and the retail and recreational sector. MegaGroup operates under the brand names Bosta and Bevo.

Problems for MegaGroup arose after they were done centralizing the warehousing of the seven branches at the headquarters in the Netherlands. Although well thought-out, the operation took a lot of time and cost a number of customers. A shortage of liquidity during the peak season and the excessive desire for expansion in Eastern Europe heavily contributed to the problems the company already faced.

When Nimbus stepped in, the adventures in Eastern Europe had already come to a standstill. We looked at the new warehousing system and saw that it was almost up and running. Refinancing the existing loans and making a fresh capital contribution were the first steps we took. Together with measurements to cut organizational costs this brought MegaGroup back to health. The company is now looking for more growth and return. All in all, the future for MegaGroup looks clear as water.

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