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Central Industry Group

Cutting out complexity

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2016
  • Exit -
  • Sales €80 million

Central Industry Group (CIG) consists of nine autonomous companies under two separate corporate umbrellas, located in the northern part of Germany and the Netherlands. Although the clusters have their roots in the marine industry (steel cutting, ship building kits, piping technology, anchors and winches amongst others), several CIG-companies focus mainly on other branches, such as renewable energy and aviation. SEC Bremen is the world’s leading producer of container lashing equipment. The two separate groups of companies both have prosperous perspectives.

The activities in Groningen were grouped around CIG Centraalstaal, founded in the seventies in order to supply cutting and shaping facilities for ship builders in the region. In the last decade, working companies started to build complete ships and even became ship owners. Those activities put vigorous financial pressure on CIG, which in the process got into perilous waters. After the bankruptcy of sister company Abis Shipping, the Groningen-based CIG-companies were urgently in need of working capital and a new business approach.

Nimbus acquired CIG in late November 2016 as a result of a complicated transaction. After the financial knots and interconnections had been undone, what remained was a simple structure with straightforward responsibilities and funding. The companies are autonomous and there are few cross-bondings. With these companies we are proud to serve the shipbuilding, shipping and windmill industries in Northern Europe as well as a range of art and architectural clients.

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