Our portfolio

Halo Foods

Towards a customer oriented culture of quality

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2016
  • Exit 2020
  • Sales €50 million

When Raisio bought Glisten in 2010, they became owner of Halo Foods, the leading UK-manufacturer of healthy snack bars, nibbles and nuts. Halo Foods employs 250 people in two production locations in Great Britain. The snack bar production factory in Newport focuses on servicing branded customers through a partnership model. The idea is to jointly develop the respective brand partner businesses, amongst others by supporting our brand partners with onward in-house new product development capabilities. Brand-wise, the flag ship in the Halo-fleet is Dormen: a prestigious and aristocratic brand with snack and nuts products that are served during cocktails hours at the royal court.

When Raisio centralized the production of cereal bars to the Newport factory and the packaging of nibbles and nuts to the Swindon location, their management failed to get the production up to speed and the company started to operate at a loss. In July 2016, Raisio sold Halo Foods to Nimbus, once again underlining its adagio ‘hands-on investors’. Since we excel in production environments, food remains an interesting branch for Nimbus. Initially, we heavily supported the team on commercial-, operation-, and management challenges. The number of shifts was brought on a par with the production capacity and we started pushing on output. We aimed on less waste and complaints and more efficiency and quality.

Together with new devoted people in key positions we were able to trigger a change in culture among the employees. After a cost price calculation, we could start focusing on cost improvements while Dormen expanded its assortment. At the same time, we invest hugely in the factories; customer oriented investments in particular. The goal is to bring the quality level of Halo up to scratch while remaining focused on maintaining high service levels, efficiency and productivity.

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