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Turning data into added value

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2016
  • Exit -
  • Sales €15 million

In an increasingly complex and connected world, getting the right data is vital for decision makers. Panteia BV helps organizations make better decision, delivering practical research results and data driven insights for a broad range of clients, including governments, trade associations and enterprises. The company’s history dates back to 1930, when it first started doing government policy-oriented research. Known as the Economic Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises (or EIM), the organization grew, with various research and consulting firms joining it over the years. In 2010, all agencies under the name Panteia merged into one of the largest research and consultancy firms in The Netherlands. Due to new policies regarding government related tender regulations and the economic crisis of 2008, Panteia faced a declining number of assignments and changing market conditions.

As a people-centric company that revolves around the work of about 100 highly qualified experts in the field of research and consultancy, Panteia is a bit of an odd one out in Nimbus’ portfolio. Still, seeing the relevance and potential of Panteia’s work, we decided to come on board, providing a healthy basis and implementing the changes necessary for a further growth. This included a capital injection to strengthen the company’s balance sheet and improve liquidity. Taking over shares from existing – and consecutively withdrawing – stock holders, we started to work with Panteia’s staff towards a renewed and more efficient company structure that enables the company to benefit from market opportunities.

Panteia conducts what is called ‘Research to Progress’; aiming to contribute to sustainable, social and economic progress. This vision, combined with optimized working methods, sets the path for Panteia’s future, in a world where collecting, processing and analyzing data is progressively significant. With a strong position in The Netherlands and Europe, Panteia is more than up to the data challenges ahead.

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